Social Responsability

 Frustrated and stressed employees badly serve customers who flee to the competition, which speaks of internal mismanagement and threatens the business itself.

The role of the human resources team is one of the most important in any organization.


– Comply with the settlement of wages and salaries in a timely manner. Poor payment of prizes, commissions, bonuses and others, are the antithesis of a company’s social responsibility.

– Comply with legal regulations regarding wages, medical care and hygiene and safety measures at work.

– Have an open door policy. If the company is perceived as a closed, distant and authoritarian entity, it lacks the necessary sensitivity to succeed.

– Create a culture of importance to communication. The company or organization is not isolated from its human resource. To achieve the company goals is vital to communicate permanently with the internal customer: the employees.

– Create an environment of equality. Everyone feels respected by the organization and by their peers. That everyone has the possibility of growth according to their abilities and that diversity is respected in an economy where people from all cultural and social backgrounds increasingly join the labor market.

– Ensure constant training for the job. Provide the necessary technical training to carry out their position to all company employees.

– Promote professional development. Regular career plans, succession plans, and promotions are part of staff growth. The friendliest work environments are those where the company prefers to promote its own employee.

– Ensure a healthy working environment for the environment. The recycling, energy saving, the prohibition of smoking in the company, and the use of biodegradable products for cleaning, including the separation of organic, glass and paper waste, speak of a responsible company with its collaborators and with the environment.

– Promote relationships with the community. Promote donations of food, clotting, and others basic products among employees, as well as the donation of hours to help the less fortunate to learn trades.